Jeremy Peters

Jeremy Peters

Planting Pastor

Jeremy grew up in a Christian family with pastors throughout his family, but never imagined that vocational ministry was in his future. After feeling a draw to ministry and completely shifting his plans for life, he transferred to a college where he could study biblical and theological studies. Ironically, Bible school led him to a season of faith deconstruction and reconstruction — deepening his understanding of the radical way of Jesus and strengthening his desire to help others find a vibrant faith. Joining him in this journey is his wife, Chelsey, and three young daughters.
How you take your coffee: Tall, dark, and black nine months out of the year. During the summer, I take cold brew with a splash of coconut milk.
Favorite place you’ve ever been: The beaches of San Diego and Charleston are pretty fantastic.
One thing people should know about you: I’m a learner and love to share what I’m learning with others.
Katie Eckeberger

Katie Eckeberger

Worship Arts Director

Katie developed a love for music & worship at a young age and felt a call to ministry when she was in high school. She loves facilitating worship through music, prayer, visuals, interactive elements, and whatever else can be dreamed up. Katie’s hope for worship is that it helps build a strong connection between us and God, and connections between members of this community; that it challenges us and stretches us, and that it inspires us to expand in our faith and then to live it out. She and her husband Jacob often lead worship together, and they write and record original music under the name My Anchor Holds. They have two feisty, fantastic kids that keep them on their toes, and a cat that’s as old as their marriage (15 years!)
How you take your coffee: Most days with 1 stevia and a splash of non-dairy milk, but I love the occasional oat milk latte. The iced latte at Rustica Bakery in St. Louis Park is the best I’ve ever had.
Favorite place you’ve ever been: I don’t think I’ve discovered it yet… but I imagine it to be somewhere that has wide open green hills, big trees, bright blue skies, a sparkling lake, and I’ll be there with the people I love most.
One thing people should know about you: I love the Enneagram! (I’m a 4w3)

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