“Who else is missing Communion? During this season of virtual worship We *have* participated in Communion, but it can feel ‘makeshift’ at times. Many of us have run to the kitchen to grab some Cheeze-its & wine or donuts & coffee or Cheerios & apple juice – whatever common elements we have that nourish us and remind us of bread & liquid. And we’ve been taking Communion in the midst of messy living rooms or alone in our apartments. Communion as we knew it before is missing for a time. It may not feel quite as sacred as before. That feeling of being wrapped in a community of people… the smell of fresh bread and candle smoke… the sound of liquid pouring and bodies shuffling as we come forward to receive… the beauty of music filling the air… 

For the safety of this community, we still distance ourselves physically, but we want to find meaningful ways to partake in this beloved sacrament and regain some of that sacredness that stirs our hearts. Maybe we can recreate some of those tactile sensations for you, helping this feel just a bit more real… helping us all feel a bit more grounded and connected to this moment? 

As you prepare for communion and as you watch this video, do your best to eliminate distraction, turn up the volume, and enjoy the sights & sounds of this Supper that we will one day soon enjoy together in person. And remember that Jesus himself started this tradition by using what he had with the people that were already with him. Holy moments can pop up anywhere with the most basic things.”

– Katie Eckeberger, The Grove Planting Project worship leader