Help Grow Goodness.

STARTING A NEW CHURCH is an all-hands-on-deck effort!

not me. we.

As a church, The Grove seeks to grow goodness — both in ourselves and in Cottage Grove. Through vibrant ministry to families of all shapes and sizes, we want to:

– Expand our circle of inclusion

– Cultivate the common good

– Nurture healing, wholeness, and beauty

– Deepen our sense of curiosity and awe

The church, however, is not an institution but a dynamic group of people dedicated to living out these values and the way of Jesus together. As such, The Grove’s new Cottage Grove location is an all-hands-on-deck effort!

We are looking for partners — people who are passionate about the opportunity to grow goodness through a new worshipping community in Cottage Grove!

Think you might feel a tugging to become a partner? Great! Here’s what partnership looks like.




“Gathering” in the time of coronavirus looks quite different from the Before Times, but technology allows us to still come together virtually while we are physically distanced.

Partners are asked to make The Grove’s new Cottage Grove location their worshipping community — participating regularly in worship gatherings and a Grove Group.

Your gathering with us helps to create energy and build a community that newcomers will want to be part of.




Giving is an act of gratitude and makes the ministry of The Grove in Cottage Grove possible. Through God’s grace, your generosity …

… allows us to create powerful worship experiences that connect people to God.

… powers the kitchen that feeds neighbors experiencing food insecurity

… keeps the lights on and our space open for community members who are looking for goodness in your lives.

Partners are asked to give something and to give consistently.

The amount does not matter — even a few dollars in the hand of God can do more than we ever could. Pray about this and talk with your partner about a number that works for you. What matters is the commitment to helping us grow goodness.




Growing goodness is about growth in both number and depth — expanding our circle of inclusion AND nurturing healing, wholeness, and beauty. We want to bring more people in to experience the grace of God in their lives through The Grove’s Cottage new Grove location!

Partners are asked to be an advocate for The Grove in Cottage Grove: participating in a ministry team and inviting new people in.

We can help you find a place to serve that matches your strengths and passions. And we can help you develop the skills to make an authentic invitation to your social network of friends and family.





The formation and development of this new church is in response to the call of God through Jesus Christ who has sent us to make disciples and form a community faithful to His mission.

Becoming a partner in this ministry involves supporting the mission, vision, values, and leadership that make us who we are.


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