Fall Stewardship Campaign


A place at the table is important. It says that we are included and that we matter. Consider how much of life happens around a table. The table is where we gather to share a meal or linger over coffee. It’s where ideas are conceived and decisions are made. It’s where tears are shed and laughter erupts. It’s where we listen to each other’s stories — the funny ones and the vulnerable ones. It truly doesn’t matter what you use or where you put a table, it invites others to gather.

In the Bible, Jesus gathers with others around the table. It is a place where Jesus connects with people and plants his story in their hearts. It’s where they experience transformation.

This fall, The Grove will have Crowded Tables with room for all. It will be an opportunity for us to experience our good and beautiful God, create community, and commit ourselves to participating in God’s work through The Grove. It’s where we will experience transformation.

The six-week Crowded Tables Campaign challenges every person of The Grove to:

  •   Regularly participate in worship.
  •   Connect in meaningful relationships by joining a Grove Group.
  •   Attend our “table conversation” following our worship gathering on September 24.
  •   Make a financial commitment — one that is born in prayer and sacrificial in nature — to God’s work through the church in the 2024 operating budget.

Never forget: there is always room for all around the table. And the table is never complete when someone is missing. And that includes you!

Join us as we gather around the table to grow in our faith and strengthen our church.